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PowerRoofr is a trusted company for professional new roof installation of all sizes, keeping your home safe in the coming years.

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    Stress-free New Roof Installation

    Do severe weather conditions like the scorching heat of the sun, blazing winds, heavy rain, and snowfall deteriorate your roof condition? Or your roof has completed its life and shown the signs of aging? A damaged roof not only affects greatly the overall curb appeal of the house but also raises the energy bills by creating leaks and holes in the roof.

    So, do not wait for the next season to further damage your roof - contact PowerRoofr to experience professional new roof installation service and give your roof a new life.

    High Rated New Roofing Service

    No roofing material is intended to last forever, despite it being highly maintained. So when you think that your roof needs to be replaced, you must hire a professional roofing service provider. PowerRoofr is highly renowned for its services that include new roof installation. We can replace an outdated roof that has reached the end of its life with a new roof as part of a building or renovation project.

    We have been offering our services to all homeowners for past so many years and have the expertise and skills required to manage roofing projects of all shapes and sizes. Our roofers went through regular in-house training to equip with the industry’s innovations and installation techniques, guaranteeing to deliver exceptional results that homeowners desire. Each phase of the project is crucial to ensuring that your house is properly protected. So our roofers emphasize every step of the procedure aiming to install flawless protection of your house.

    Roofing Contractors

    Design & Stylized With PowerRoofr

    We do not consider ourselves as engineer’s only appointed for roof installation but we take our job more than that. As PowerRoofr never losses on quality, likewise we never disappoint our customers when it comes to the appearance of their homes. That is why we work closely with our clients and assist them in selecting the best roofing materials suitable for weather conditions and the exterior of the house.  We offer top-rated innovative quality products from renowned manufacturers with various colors and styles.

    Most of our homeowners select asphalt shingle roofing available in different colors and designs. Our expert roofers are specialized in installing shingle roofs as well as trained in installing bright shiny metal roofs as well. With so many alternatives, you may pick a roofing material that complements both your aesthetic preferences and the design of your home.

    Get Your Roof Connected With Us

    We deliver what we say. Get hands-on information about our roofing services by contacting us. Call 703-6348544 or fill out our inquiry form.  Our team will contact you and schedule an appointment.

    Best Roof Products Paired With Exception Craftmanship

    When it comes to roofing material, PowerRoofr works with top-notch innovative manufacturers like GAF and CertainTeed. Their products are the benchmark for durability, weather resistance, best-in-call warranties, and exceptional customer service. Our installation team is fully trained in all the roofing products and manufacturers. We provide total protection roofing systems for years to come.

    Multi Layered Roofing Solution For Maximum Efficiency

    To protect the roof from ice and water damage, we use self-adhering GRACE ICE & WATER SHIELD® underlayment. GRACE is manufacturing water barriers since 1978, and we are using them at most of our jobs.