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    A Trustworthy Roofing Service Provider

    With the use of modern installation techniques and trained experts, PowerRoofr has become a most trustworthy and reliable company for Roofing Contractors in Washington D.C as well as in the surrounding counties like Loudoun, Arlington, Prince William, Fairfax, Alexandria, and Falls Church. Whether your roof is affected by sunlight, wind storm, or rain or it is aged and has completed its life, you can get it replaced with no worries as the PowerRoofr consultants and experts are here to guide you with your roof work.

    Years of success stories, experienced and trained roofers, professional certifications, and tailored customer services combine together to give the industry’s best roofing service under the umbrella of PowerRoofr.

    Our Skilled Roofing Contractors

    In your busy routine, taking some time out to maintain your house’s interior and exterior is quite hectic these days. Exterior majorly roofs are more vulnerable and require maintenance on daily basis. If you think that your roof needs immediate care, allow our expert contractors to inspect your roof. Our roofers thoroughly inspect your roof and then suggest the best suitable plan. Our high-end quality services will increase your roof life and helps in maintaining your energy bills.

    PowerRoofr Roofing Contractors are committed to providing high-end and cost-effective services. Our workers are trained to handle your damaged roof by providing the best services which include;

    New-Roof Installation

    We have been offering New Roof Installation services to all homeowners for past so many years and have the expertise and skills required to manage projects of all shapes and sizes. We offer top-rated premium quality installation and maintenance services from renowned manufacturers with various colors and styles.

    Roofing Contractors

    Asphalt Shingle Roof

    Asphalt shingle Roof is the most common choice for residential roofing because of its varied features. With superior products and trained workmen, PowerRoofr Roofing Contractors has helped many property holders with their problems and undoubtedly we met the expectations.

    Metal Roof

    Metal roof is known for its extraordinary strength and can withstand environmental damage. Its long life with less maintenance makes it preferable for homeowners. Metal Roof installed by PowerRoofr has become more durable.

    Ventilation System

    Keeping the ventilation system in a workable condition is necessary to avoid roof damage and energy loss. The trained PowerRoofr experts help you with all the unforeseen problems your roof area is facing due to vents. Complete solution under one roof.

    Sky Light

    PowerRoofr skylight brightens every corner of your house with natural light. Its perfect installation brings comfort and peace of mind. High-quality skylight procured from leading manufacturers perfectly fits your roof by our roofers.

    The Promise We Hold On

    Constructing a house is a one-time investment but maintaining it is an ongoing process. Therefore, when you look for a roofing service provider, you should know the ins and outs of the company. With us, you will experience a transparent and smooth working process with no hidden costs.

    As PowerRoofr gets into the business, finding an economical and professional roofing service provider gets easier. We do not compromise on the quality and promise to offer;

    • Effective Communication
    • Quick Turnaround
    • Time Management
    • Certified and Tested Quality Standards
    • Economical Roofing Options
    • Attractive Warranties

    Get Your Roof Connected With Us

    We deliver what we say. Get hands-on information about our services by contacting us. Call 703-6348544 or fill out our inquiry form. Our team will contact you and schedule an appointment.

    Best Roof Products Paired With Exception Craftmanship

    When it comes to roofing material, PowerRoofr works with top-notch innovative manufacturers like GAF and CertainTeed. Their products are the benchmark for durability, weather resistance, best-in-call warranties, and exceptional customer service. Our installation team is fully trained in all the roofing products and manufacturers. We provide total protection roofing systems for years to come.

    Multi Layered Roofing Solution For Maximum Efficiency

    To protect the roof from ice and water damage, we use self-adhering GRACE ICE & WATER SHIELD® underlayment. GRACE is manufacturing water barriers since 1978, and we are using them at most of our jobs.