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Skylight Installation

Illuminate your home with sunshine by leak-proof skylight Installation.

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    Trained Skylight Installation For Luminosity

    Skylights are important to bring natural light to your living space, especially for those which have small or no windows. Gloomy and dark rooms can potentially affect your productivity and stress your mind. Relieve stress from PowerRoofr skylight installation service. PowerRoofr is a proud installer of skylights for the last thirteen years bringing in quality with technology. We have been installing the best products, renowned for their warranties which allow us to give our customers a lifetime experience.

    Our workers are fully proficient in replacing new skylights on your existing roof. Considering Northern Virginia weather conditions, PowerRoofr offers several skylight options which include hail warranties.

    Types Of Skylight We Offer

    Expert installers, technical knowledge, years of experience, customer support, and a lot more make PowerRoofr help in bringing the most appropriate type of skylight we offer. Our collaboration with the industry’s leading manufacturer emphasizes more on quality of work we aim to deliver. With the range of skylights, we promise more sunlight and fresh air, less heat and UV rays, and a budget-friendly choice to make your home look bigger and brighter. We proudly offer,

    • Solar Power Skylight
    • Fresh Air Skylight
    • Manual Skylight
    • Fixed Skylight

    Our skylight installers are proficient to work in flat and sloped roofs.


    Leak-proof PowerRoofr Skylight

    Skylight is an added beauty in any building. It allows some additional light – natural light to enter the room controlling the monthly energy bill. But there are some drawbacks to it which are taken care of by PowerRoofr experts with great zeal. The most impactful of them all is the improper sealing of the skylights affecting the roof’s performance and giving you some extra stress during the rainy season.

    PowerRoofr ensures the proper sealing of the skylights to avoid water penetration in the roof. High-end innovative products used by PowerRoofr offer years of warranties on sealing. Double seal protection with underlayment gives skylight the durability and great protection against leaking. So, whenever you are considering skylight replacement or installing one as a part of your new roof, PowerRoofr is your best partner in roofing and exterior renovation projects.

    Adjustable Sun Tunnel For Skylight

    Small places in your home are no longer neglected because of darkness and minimal light. PowerRoofr sun tunnels bring natural light to all the dark areas, visually expanding the room without compromising the roof’s performance. PowerRoofr offers Rigid Sun Tunnels for unobstructed roof areas to direct the brighter light from roof to ceiling. However, for attic areas with obstacles, PowerRoofr flawlessly installs Flexible Sun Tunnels giving every isolated area a luminous and glowing look.

    You can get help from our experienced estimators in choosing the best suitable sun tunnel to get the finest lighting results.

    Get Your Skylights Connected With Us

    We deliver what we say. Get hands-on information about our skylight and sun tunnel service by contacting us.  Call 703-6348544 or fill out our inquiry form.  Our team will contact you and schedule an appointment.


    Best Roof Products Paired With Exception Craftmanship

    When it comes to roofing material, PowerRoofr works with top-notch innovative manufacturers like GAF and CertainTeed. Their products are the benchmark for durability, weather resistance, best-in-call warranties, and exceptional customer service. Our installation team is fully trained in all the roofing products and manufacturers. We provide total protection roofing systems for years to come.

    Multi Layered Roofing Solution For Maximum Efficiency

    To protect the roof from ice and water damage, we use self-adhering GRACE ICE & WATER SHIELD® underlayment. GRACE is manufacturing water barriers since 1978, and we are using them at most of our jobs.